Cake DeFi

Put your crypto assets to work with Cake DeFi – the simple, safe, and sincere way to earn sweet passive income of up to 100% APY on your crypto assets.

Earn on Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFiChain and many other coins. Now with a US$30 welcome bonus* for a limited time!

Bakers on Cake DeFi can enjoy:

• Earn passive income on any of your cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFiChain, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash and more
• Easy to use interface: Easier than baking a cake, you can earn on your crypto!
• Deposit, withdraw, and start earning any time! No minimum deposit.

• Cake Pte Ltd. is a financial services provider registered and regulated in the global financial center Singapore. Your money feels home!
• Consistent track-record of providing tasty returns for over 2 years, with complete transparency on how the returns are generated.
• Secured by multi-sig and cold storage: Cake DeFi employs industry-leading security facilities to ensure your assets are stored cold by default and hot only when it moves.

• Nobody bakes alone. Join an awesome community of over 100,000 Cake DeFi bakers just like you and start earning today.
• Cake DeFi has arguably the best customer retention in the industry. Once a baker, always a baker.
• The equivalent of a 5-star chef – Cake DeFi's Customer Support is always ready to assist you.

Download the Cake DeFi app and start putting your crypto to work. For a limited time, get FREE US$30 welcome bonus when you deposit at least US$50, allocate it into Lending, Staking or Liquidity Mining and lock it away in our Freezer.

* Deposit at least US$50 into your Cake DeFi account and allocate it into Lending, Staking or Liquidity Mining. Next, enter our Freezer or Lending product for at least 28 days and the bonus will automatically show up in your account.

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