Airbus receives the largest aircraft order in aviation history

The European aircraft giant on June 19 announced that low-cost airline IndiGo (India) has ordered 500 A320 aircraft.

The sale "is a record for the number of aircraft ordered once in the history of commercial aviation," Airbus said in a statement. These aircraft will be delivered between 2030 and 2035. The order on June 19 brings the total number of Airbus aircraft that IndiGo has ordered to 1,330.

IndiGo CEO Pieter Elbers also said yesterday that the order will help the company "carry out on its mission to continue to drive mobility, economic growth and social cohesion in India". 75% of IndiGo flights are domestic.

Elbers forecast that India's economic growth and people's incomes will improve, helping the country's aviation market to add millions of new passengers.

According to information on the website, IndiGo was established in 2006 and is the airline with the leading market share in this country. Last fiscal year, IndiGo carried 86 million passengers.

Airlines have recently struggled to make a profit as India's economy is accelerating and its population is booming. The demand for flights here is forecasted to increase. In February, IndiGo's rival Air India ordered more than 470 planes from both Airbus and Boeing.

Tech companies are also taking advantage of this opportunity. Some have expanded production and opened new stores in India.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts that the South Asian country will have a growth rate that surpasses all major advanced and emerging countries this year. Accordingly, India's GDP could grow by 5.9%. The United Nations (UN) in April also estimated that India in the middle of this year surpassed China to become the world's most populous country, with 1.43 billion people.

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