5 ways to keep the body like a Taiwanese actor's twenties

Thanks to the habit of drinking ginger tea, eating three meals, going to bed early, taking care of her skin and exercising, Taiwanese actress Tran Y Ham is young and beautiful at the age of U50.

Appearing in the show Pedal Wind 2023 (with Chi Pu participating), Tran Y Ham attracted attention with her shiny skin and slim body.

The secret to having a youthful appearance was revealed by the actress, as follows:

Eat three full meals according to a balanced diet

The habit of eating three meals a day has been maintained by Tran Y Ham since childhood. However, "beautiful sister" does not eat arbitrarily but focuses on balance, loaded with vitamins and fiber for the body through fresh vegetables and fruits. She absolutely does not use alcoholic beverages, saying that this is the agent that causes disease, destroys health as well as makes women depressed.

Particularly for dinner, Tran Y Ham often eats early to ensure that the body has enough time to consume food, metabolize energy, and avoid putting pressure on the stomach and other organs in the body.

A study published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition recently found that eating dinner earlier can make people live longer, with the ideal time being 7pm. If you can't eat at this time, experts recommend that people have their last meal of the day 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Drink ginger tea

To keep the body warm, promote blood circulation, enhance blood circulation, Tran Y Ham chooses to drink ginger tea every day.

Her ginger tea is usually made with ingredients like ground ginger, black tea, turmeric, and brown sugar. This drink is also a natural remedy, both effective in strengthening the body's immunity, anti-inflammatory and can repel oxidation, support weight loss, beautiful skin, and help people look younger with age.

Tran Y Ham at the age of 41. Photo: Weibo

Take care of sports

Tran Y Ham is a sports fanatic who loves to exercise and exercise every day, even while pregnant. The Taiwanese beauty said that if she is not busy with work, she runs for at least 30 minutes every day. Even when going abroad, she maintains the habit of jogging.

A recent study published in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Disease found that regular runners live three years longer than non-runners. The subject has a significant effect on weight loss, helps maintain a balanced appearance, tones muscles, relaxes the mind, and is good for the heart.

In addition to walking, Tran Y Ham regularly swims, practices yoga, climbs mountains... to exercise and maintain body shape and endurance.

Skin Care

Sharing the secret of skin tightening, the actress said that she pays special attention to moisturizing. The Taiwanese beauty revealed that she always carries mineral spray with her to ensure that her skin is always fully hydrated when outdoors.

A study by the British Academy of Dermatology has shown that regular and regular moisturizing will help reduce wrinkles on the face, slow down the signs of aging, keep the skin radiant and full of life.

Besides moisturizing, the actress also maintains the habit of washing her face with cold water regardless of whether it is cold or hot, the purpose of which is to make the skin firm and smooth, and to tighten pores.

Go to bed early

As a person who pays great attention to exercise to keep fit and improve health, Tran Y Ham does not underestimate the role of sleep.

She said that if you only exercise but often go to bed late, your health will still be devastated, and your beauty will also quickly deteriorate. Therefore, "beautiful sister" often goes to bed early so that the body can recover and create the best conditions for the skin to regenerate.

According to the habit, beautiful people born in 1982 usually go to bed before 10 pm. She will get up early to exercise the next morning, preparing her energy for a new day.

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