The secret to helping Mariah Carey keep her hot body at the age of 60

AMERICAN singer Mariah Carey eats organic food, doesn't eat sugar, chews well and regularly exercises to help keep her hot body, slim waist at the age of U60.

Mariah Carey is an American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress. Thirty years later, the song "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was born, making the singer's name, she is still young, fiery and charming as before.

The singer said that in addition to keeping the job, she followed a strict diet to keep fit for many years.

Replace high-calorie junk food with fruit

Sharing with Hollywood Life , Mariah Carey said that since the age of 30, she has said "no" to high-calorie junk food. She chooses apples, mangoes or blueberries for when she is hungry to add healthy nutrients, vitamins, and fiber to her body. The anti-aging agent in blueberries has the effect of reversing age, helping her look younger than her real age.

According to experts at the University of California, healthy snacking provides energy for the body, improves health, curbs cravings, helps regulate mood, and enhances brain health. Snacking also helps stabilize blood sugar levels and not be too hungry between meals, when the main meal will eat less, thereby can lose weight.

Eat more organic food

The female singer prioritizes choosing organic, fresh, pure foods and not using processed foods. Studies show that there are many benefits from using organic food every day such as avoiding harmful pesticides, the body absorbs more nutrients, food tastes fresher.

The organic food that the singer chooses is vegetables and seafood. In 2016, sharing with E!News , Mariah Carey said that salmon and capers are the main foods on her menu.

According to Dr. Lisa Young, author of the nutrition book Last Full, Last Slim and The Portion Teller Plan , salmon rich in omega 3 has the effect of enhancing memory, useful for the brain, preventing diseases, improving immunity. fluid, making the skin smooth.

Green vegetables or capers contain many vitamins and nutrients, are rich in fiber, help maintain healthy skin, reduce UV damage, soothe chronic inflammation, slow down the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles. wrinkles, prevent collagen loss.

Mariah Carey at the Alta Moda Fall Winter 2022 fashion show. Photo: D&G

Eat slowly, chew well and eat just enough

One rule that Mariah Carey applies regularly, not to be skipped at every meal, is to eat slowly and chew thoroughly. She believes that eating slowly helps her know when she is full and stops at the right time.

Research from Yale University shows that there are many effects around this habit such as the food is crushed into smaller pieces, the digestive juices are more permeable to help the food digest better, the body can absorb the maximum nutrients from the food. food.

Eating slowly also forms calmness, calmness, and good control of emotions.

Do not eat sugar

Since 2018 until now, Mariah Carey has removed sugar from her menu, although before that, she was very fond of chocolate desserts. The singer said that sweet food is the source of obesity and she avoids it as much as possible.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), children or adults, each day limit free sugar to less than 10% of total calories consumed. Overeating can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Not weighing often

Adhering to a weight loss and healthy eating regimen, the female singer is not obsessed with her own weight. She said she never stood on the scale because the "no weight" rule helped a lot for mental health during the diet.

"I'm a big boned person, tall and of course I'm quite heavy," the female singer shared.

Aerobic exercise and swimming

The singer likes to stay active through aerobic exercises and swimming. She said that exercising regularly every day is very effective for weight loss efforts to keep fit. That is also the reason why even at the age of U60 Mariah Carey is still younger and more energetic than younger generations.

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