Beauty plays a risky scene with Tom Cruise

Hayley Atwell, the beauty who co-starred with Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible 7", said she did the action scenes herself because she wanted to be as good as an actor.

The actor plays Grace, who encounters Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) and becomes a companion. According to Digital Spy , the star said she had to try her best when appearing next to Tom Cruise.

"You can't play the female lead next to Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible if you don't want to do the stunts yourself or skip the scene," the actor said.

Trailer "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1", Hayley Atwell appeared from 0:54 seconds. Video: Paramount Pictures

Stars follow a rigorous training program. The training had an expert team of male and female stuntmen to observe the actors during the process. They monitor Atwell's sports activities every day to make sure she meets the requirements for the action segment, both physically and mentally.

During the days of filming together, Atwell and Tom Cruise constantly talked about preparation. Actors admire the actor for being highly disciplined, always monitoring the safety so that the scene takes place as planned by the crew. "Tom is always prepared and focused on the job. He knows exactly where the obstacles are, double-checks the belts and the like," the star said.

Hayley Atwell , 41 years old, was born in London (England). Actor known for playing agent Peggy Carter - Captain America's girlfriend in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her character was later produced by Marvel's own series, Agent Carter . Stars participated in many projects of the Marvel cinematic universe, before being invited to play Mission: Impossible 7 .

Since the end of 2020, she has been caught up in rumors of dating Tom Cruise. In an interview on July 8 with the Independent , the star said she was disturbed by the market's discord about love, affecting both of their lives. Atwell said she views Tom Cruise and the film director like her two uncles.

Hayley Atwell (left) and Tom Cruise in a scene from "Mission: Impossible 7". Photo: Paramount Pictures

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1 (Vietnamese name: Mission: Impossible: Karma Part 1) is the seventh part of the film franchise. The work follows the events of Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018).

On Rotten Tomatoes, the work has a 99% "fresh" score from critics - the highest rating of the film franchise. The Guardian page rated the film 5/5 stars with the comment: "At 61 years old with seven Mission: Impossible movies , Cruise is still as good as ever. Tom Cruise easily convinces the audience that the action movie genre has been elevated to a level. new level".

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